18 August 2017

How to Solve Aptitude Questions Faster

If you follow these I am sure You will be able to solve Aptitude Questions Very Fast, Very Easily and Very Comfortably

One thing you should know clearly that Calculations speed and Questions solving speed both are different. “How to make calculations very Fast: See the last section of this.”

To solve Aptitude question fast Learn following: 



 Elimination of Options

 Unitary Method:

This is father of short tricks in Arithmetic Use Divisibility rules to eliminate answer  Solve Question with the help of option if it is possible Take some value to solve questions Learn types of questions

Solve Questions Mentally: Start practice with one-liner questions and simple Calculation. After some practice, you will have a blackboard in imaginations, and solve and visualise whole calculations and steps.

Read more here "How to make calculation fast  without pen or paper?"

Do Percentage and Ratio very well, learn all basics and see how it can change your speed surprisingly.

Learn various short tricks from an experienced teacher. Don't follow all the solutions given in books blindly. In books, solutions are very confusing many times. Many find aptitude very difficult only and only because of this. Books generally follow subjective approach, they apply formulae, explanations are many times very confusing and lengthy. All these intimidate learners. On the other hand, Objective questions are very easy and interesting. There are so many tricks and approach questions can be solved in a very simple way, quickly. Many times if you don't know concept but with options, you can solve that questions even knowing nothing. If you have somebody who can help you in two weeks you can improve maths, you can improve speed, you will find these questions very interesting, you will enjoy and finally, you can perform in exams excellently, you can be placed in a very good company or govt. job.

Develop common sense and logical skills: Yes Aptitude questions are common sense based.

Do practice more and more: The more you practise the more your speed and understanding as well as interest will improve. Connect with real life: If you connect with real life we will find aptitude more easy and interesting. You will be able to do questions very comfortably. Understand questions very well. Learn basics of English some time due to language problem many cannot understand questions, they read questions again and again. Even relative pronoun and conjunctions can create confusion or lead to misunderstanding the question. First, STOP using Calculator use your brain, try to practice calculations mentally

(A) Download Apps from play store and play for 3-5 min daily. Fast Maths - Android Apps on Google Play Math games, Mathematics - Android Apps on Google Play Math Workout - Android Apps on Google Play and you can find more on play store. These are not only for kids. Yes You will find calculation very easy but Speed with Accuracy matter the most. And these will improve your speed and concentration.

(B) Do Practice of Twice / Thrice/Four times./...... of numbers. (Ex. 8, 16, 32, 64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096.......) Pick any random number and do practice with it. You can do practice Mentally Anytime Anywhere.

(C)Do Practice of Half / One-third/ One-fourth/........of numbers (Ex. 19, 9.5, 4.75, 2.375,....... ) Do practice up to you can go comfortably.

(D)Do Practice of Addition. If you can add fast then you are able to Subtract fast, you can Multiply fast and finally Divide also fast.

(E) Do Practice of Percentage, Percentage-Number, Percentage-Decimals, Percentage-Ratio

(F) Learn Vedic Maths tricks only those easy to learn and easy to apply. Like Crisscross, Base method of multiplication is very important.

(G) Learn Tables up to 30 Learn Squares up to (at least) 33 and Cubes up to 12

(H) Friendship with Numbers: There are so many interesting relationship between/among numbers ( Ex 99^2=9801 & 33^2 = 1089, 12^2 = 144 & 21^2 = 441 and so many you can find)

(I) Learn Calculations short tricks ( There are so many for finding squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots, multiplication of numbers having "1", square of numbers ending with 5,.......and so many.

(J) Do practice daily - give 20 questions test daily and analysis your performance and find area of improvements

(K) Basic rules of BODMAS, Decimals, Square, Square-root, Cubes, Cube-roots, Percentage, Powers

(L) Apply in real life situation (Ex. If X is Rs. 70 kg then price for 350 gm or quantity for Rs 100 would be.....do practice this way)

(M) Number Series questions. Do practice for number series question it will improve your calculations also.

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