18 August 2017

How to understand tough concepts ?

You can improve your understanding 

  • Leave that question or concept for 2–3 days or even one week if you find your best efforts giving no positive results because of failure, after repeated trying, generates some strong negative energy and also will consume a lot of valuable time. 
  • In between this time you can learn some supplementary concepts or basics that can help you to understand that concept.
  • Try to search different books where you can find the same concept you find very difficult to learn. Collect all these books and go through these books and find which books have the different explanation, simple explanation, logical explanation and more precise examples are given. Next time start learning from this book.
  • You can also search on different websites, and watch different youtube videos for this. Post/search your problem on various forums where you can find answers/explanation from different perspectives that can give you new ideas. 
  • After doing this in one fine morning when you feel very energetic and calm, start learning that concept. Read very slow in first gear. After reading few words or a line or first step try to understand this line/step. Then read the second line and try to understand this line and connect with the first line. After completing a paragraph/complete solution, you will be able to find connections among different sources of knowledge, youtube videos, web material, different books. This way you will be able to understand that concept fully.
  • After this, you should note down all your ideas and understanding or steps of that concept. Remember This  Is Very-Very Important. If you will not note down all connections, ideas then there is a possibility you may forget these things after some time and then you have to invest the same amount of time and energy again. And it is possible you can forget that valuable idea forever.  Remember Ideas generate new Ideas. 
  • Krishna Rana

    Aptitude Expert, Life Coach, Motivator, Positive Thinker, Trainer, Mature Friend