18 August 2017

How to improve accuracy in exams?

You can improve accuracy in exams applying these-


First thing is disciplined your preparations. Focus on Clarity of basic concepts, focus on each step of the solution, focus on formulae of each chapter.

Logical Sequence of chapters: Learn More “What is the order in which to prepare for the aptitude topics”?

This is most important. It will improve your understanding, interest, confidence.

Read questions very well:

Develop a habit of reading the question very carefully and analysing what is given, what is missing and what is asking.

Knowledge Management:

Manage your knowledge perfectly. Classify Questions into Types & Remember important types of questions of each chapter. It will avoid confusion while solving questions.

Understand differences and similarities among different questions. Why this question can be solved using this method or why cannot be solved by another method.


Develop a habit of doing calculation part very carefully. Most of the time our question goes wrong due to silly calculation mistakes. And also Improve your calculations Speed. The slow speed of solving questions produces mistakes when you try to increase speed.

Improve concentration and confidence:

Develop your interest what you learn. Love what you learn. Concentrate on your learning. These moments are life changing. Disciplined your life. Do everything which can increase your possibility of success. Avoid procrastination and carelessness.

Give yourself Challenges:

Apply some creativity. Give yourself the challenge. Try to solve questions in different conditions and time limits.

Try to solve questions mentally: Start with one-liner questions. If you can solve questions mentally it will increase your accuracy when you will use pen and papers.

Solve all types question, solve challenging questions also (even these may not appear in real exam). Solving higher level of questions will definitely improve accuracy and speed in a lower level of questions.

Speed Test & Mock Test:

Tests are very important part of your learning and THIS cover 50% of your preparation. This contributes 50% in your selection.

Questioning mind can better learn, understand, analyse, retain, recall and apply.

Complete one part and give a small test. Complete one chapter and give test. Give test to check previous day learning. Weekly test. Sectional Tests, Monthly test and at least 50 Mock test…….. you will become unstoppable. Most of your problems will be solved.

The more you give the tests the less you commit mistakes in exams. It will increase your Speed, Accuracy and Number of questions attempted.


Break the sequence. Our most of learning is very sequential. The first question then second and so on…. First chapter, Second …….

Our mind becomes habitual of the sequence. But in exam questions are randomly arranged. This makes most of the persons uncomfortable. They feel they prepared very well. They have done a lot of hard work but why unable to solve questions in the exam.

After one month of your preparation, you can do this: Pick randomly any question from book/material and try to solve.

Learn short Tricks:

With the help of any Expert Learn all the skills, Strategies and short tricks of solving Aptitude questions comfortably and efficiently.

Many times you can get correct answer even if you don't know how to start question.

Options approach and options eliminations are very important many questions can be solved very easily using the given options.

Unitary method, divisibility rules, percentage basics are most important. Learn these very well.

Make simple:

An EXPERT can simplify your learning and understanding. Quantitative Aptitude is not as tough and daunting as most of us feel. With proper guidance you can simplify concepts, you can interconnect various concepts, you can simplify questions.

Try to make a question, concept, formula simple in the language of your mind.


Most of the aptitude questions are just common-sense based. If you can apply your present knowledge then you can solve questions very easily.

Improve common sense, the presence of mind, Concentration, Memory, Speed, Accuracy, Explore your hidden power and strengths….. much more.

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Reasons of committing Mistakes in the exams:


I already have given ways to improve these

  • Not reading question correctly
  • Not understanding question correctly
  • Confusion
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Calculation Mistakes
  • Marking Wrong answer even question solved correctly
  • Unable to disguise hidden answer
  • Lack of Practice
  • Try to solve question fast
  • Unable to handle pressure of exams
  • Fear of Exam/result
  • Pressure of good performance
  • Not prepare well
  • Lack of interest in particular subject
  • Lack of Time management & Strategy
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