18 August 2017

How to Perform Better in Exams

To justify your hard work, you have to learn exams skills. Being good at studying and understanding will not make you perform best in exams if you don't know these exam skills.


Main Reasons is Habit. We have only 5 or 10 days of exams in a year. Our Mind does not have a habit of exams. So an untrained/unprepared mind can take random decisions for immediate situations emerged at the exam time and it is natural we can commit some silly mistakes in exams.

Other Important Reasons are:

  • lack of Practice,
  • lack of Concentration,
  • exam Fear and Pressure,
  • improper Sleep during exams,
  • Mental Fatigue,
  • Time limitation,
  • Try to solve Questions very speedily,
  • waste too much time on one question,
  • lack of strategy and time management.

To perform best in exams these steps may help you:

Time Limit:

One thing you should know 80-90 % of the PRESSURE WE FEEL is DUE TO TIME LIMIT and NOT DUE TO THE EXAM HALL environment.

(You can check this fact. Give exam at home with a time limit. You will feel the almost same pressure.)

(a) Our study is very sequential:

Year-long we do our study in sequence. First chapter then second, third fourth,....OR first page then second, third,....OR first question then second, third,...and so on. But in exams, we have to write answers to random questions and we have a practice of arranging facts and information in a particular order. This affects our performance at a certain level in exams.

What is the solution:

Do Practice with random questions and it will develop a habit. Open any page of the book and try to solve that question. Or select random page number or question number and try to solve.

Play Game: 

With the help of your classmate or friend ask random questions to each other.

Flip the pages: Flip the pages of your book or notebook quickly. (at start flip very slowly). You will be able to see some words. Now try to guess what is the topic, what is the point where these words or lines are used. It Will Activate Randomness in Your Knowledge Bank, as well as It will increase Speed of eyes, Brain/Mind, and Thought.

(a1) Give a sufficient number of mock tests before final exams at home/coaching. If you have time give at least 50 mock test in coaching or at home with the exact time limit and discipline of  the exam hall. Analyse your answer sheet. During these mock test you will do many mistakes, analyse them and this way you can avoid these mistakes in Final Exam.

(b) Do not depend on the study of exams days, and leave only revision for the exams days:

  • Always work hard at the starting of preparation, later slowly-slowly you may decrease this.
  • And in the month of final exam study very reasonable according to your capacity. Relax and have confidence.
  • If you did your preparation in very systematic and planned way then in the month of the exam you will be naturally very confident. So no stress, no pressure, no mental fatigue. Your mind will be fresh, your concentration will be very high, and your presence of mind, your logic, your common sense all will give you 100% positive result.

(c) Mind Activation: Give 10-15 mock tests at the exact time of your final exam (means if your exam time is 10-1 pm give mock test during this time daily.

What will it do? It will activate your Biological Clock of Body and Mind. If you will apply this then on the final exam your mind, your concentration all other tools will automatically switch on exact this time.

(d) Make strategies for exams assuming different situations:

What will you do if questions are out of course?

What will you do if the paper is very tough?

What will you do if the paper is very lengthy? How will you manage the time?

What will you do if you find some questions you are not prepared for that?

What will you do if you have committed a mistake in the exam?

What will you do if you feel a lack of concentration or feel nervousness?

So assume possible situations that may occur and possible best solutions you may apply.

(e) Do calculations Practice: make it faster and increase accuracy. 

(e1) Do practice of Approximation, Elimination of options and Logical Estimation of answers. 

(f) Read Questions very carefully.

(g) Remember questions type in every chapter.

(h) Carefully understand what is given in question and what is missing. Can the question be answered with given information?

(i) Relate questions

  • what is the difference between two questions,
  • What is similarities in questions,
  • what make this different,
  • Why this questions cannot be solved with a particular method.

This Approach is Very Important It will Avoid Confusion during Exam Time.

Exam Tips For subjective exams pattern

Exclusive practice for every part:

  • Understand the language of questions.
  • Draw diagrams/charts/tables
  • Write formulae. 
  • Write points.
  • Convert points into a paragraph. 
  • Write short answers.
  • Write long answers
  • Speed writing. 
  • Creative and impressive writing of answers with use different ink, symbols, box, diagrams, underlines, highlight
  • Try to express ideas in your language, what you understand and feel. 
  • Try to Include real-life examples in your answers
  • Write logically and analytically

(j) Learn the art of writing answers:

  • Learn to write very impressive answers.
  • Learn to write logical and convincing answers.
  • Learn to write creative answers.
  • Learn to write effective answers.
  • Your answers should look different from others.
  • Your answers should talk to the examiner.
  • Your writing should be fluent.
  • Examiner should be able to visualise your answers. He should feel like you are explaining and demonstrating answers live.
  • Your answer should reflect your honest hard work and you know everything. Your answers should reflect your deep understanding of concepts.
  • Your answers should reflect you have gone through from different sources in your preparation.
  • Your answers should reflect you feel what you learn.
  • Your answers should reflect your practical approach to learning.

In short, the examiner should be able to read your mind.

I hope this will helpful for you.

Help me to improve: Please share any error or piece of thought that can help me to improve it. Please share your feedback if it works for you.


  • Krishna Rana

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